Kakkanattu Estates

Come....Live in our Treetop House, Smell..... Touch and Taste, Nature..... Live away from your mundane world, much above the sea level and above the ground (almost 45 feet), on a treetop and feel how the nature's clock works. Perch on the treetop and look like a bird on the misty mountains, at the sparkling waters, gurgling streams, bright sunshine, cool shadows, thundering showers and the magical monsoon. Open your eyes and have a pleasant sight of the lush green tea gardens and the thick forest.

Live with the nature and lend your ears to hear the humming of beautiful tunes of the colorful birds. Guests at Eco Exotica experience an innovative hillock life style. They stay in cottages made of bamboo and natural roofing materials. They are serves nutritious homely food prepared from fresh vegetables cultivated in our own farms without the use of pesticides. Any resemblance to your ordinary life starts and ends with the double beds, toilet with flush, wash basin with running water, carpeted veranda and sit-out with reclining chairs.