Great Escape Resorts

Encrusted on the crown of Munnar, a jewel that enhances the splendor of guest hospitality. Where the real is stranger than fantasy-

The ultimate Munnar statement in hospitality. A real escape, romantic escape, away from the trials and tribulations, clamor and torments, strife and strain of the corporeal world, in to the arbours and bowers, in to the midst of the floral and faunal revelry, in the thick of the vibrant, ebullient woods, a haven, a resort to the aficionados and connoisseurs of cozy, comfortable sojourn and culinary arts, and to one – and all. The ambience perfect, matrix transcendental. To rediscover, redefine, the ineffable, inexplicable real persona. A trove of serene, solace, out of the world experience, to bid adieu to the banal monotonous, to unwind, relax, redefine oneself.


Independent villas (sitting rooms, dry toilets. Balcony and state-of-the-art accessories), split – level executive villas, deluxe rooms, adorned with bewitching paintings, for cozy, comfortable stay for the executive and business class – an epitome of the endearing charm of Munnar hospitality.

CONFERENCE CUM BANQUET HALL : Renders the business parleys an impeccable leisurely parlance.

AYURVEDA CENTRE : Strictly adhering to the regimens and strictures of the ancient Indian veidic system for prevention, cure and rejuvenation; and customized packages.

VALLEY- VIEW TOWER : The panoramic charm of the vast expanses of paddy- fields yonder- the seemly damsel attired in her gorgeous emerald baldachin.

CAMP – FIRE : The sensuous relief images, ignite and incite the emotional magma, radiate the unbridled, dainty vesper vibes to the beloved.

ROCK – HUTS : Dive deep into the unknown, unhindered, uninterrupted.

OPEN-AIR-THEATRE : T he venue for cultural programmes and performing arts – add a little spice to the starry nights and chilly breeze

RESTAURANT : Multi – cuisine and traditional kerala delicates – enough to satiate any and every palate and taste bud. (Provision for organic vegetables)

BODY AND SOUL : Meditation, yoga and workout for the proper physical and mental fitness.

SPRING – WATER : The wondrous phenomenon that flows the perennial stream that provides a natural shower